The kennel opening times are STRICTLY between 8-10am and 4-6pm, 7 days a week. We close to the public on CHRISTMAS DAY, BOXING DAY and NEW YEARS DAY.


Please check that the dates of your booking are correct and that the kennel and cattery opening times fit in with your travel plans. When a deposit has been paid a confirmation email will be sent to you with these details.


Prices are charged per calendar day for the dates you have booked. If you pick up early you will still be charged for the dates you booked.


Be aware that after 7 days, deposits are non refundable. Refunds will be given if a booking is cancelled at least 8 weeks prior to the start date.


Deposits are non transferable.


Slight amendments to the dates of a booking  may be made at our discretion and if we have availability. Bookings that are reduced significantly will be treated as cancelled and a new booking will need to be made.  


Remember that we do need to have up to date vaccination records. NEW customers always need to bring their pets up to date certificates. If you have used the kennels or cattery before we will need to see the proof of ‘booster’ if given since your pets last stay with us.


Unfortunately you will be turned away if the vaccination is not in full or has expired. Please be aware that it can take one month to fully vaccinate an animal for the first time or if the booster vaccination timings have not been followed.


Kennel cough vaccination is highly recommended but is not compulsory and must be given at least 7 days PRIOR to your pets stay with us.


We have the right to refuse dogs that we consider to be aggressive.


We also have the right to refuse animals that we consider not fit to stay with us on medical grounds. This can be discussed and advice given prior to booking.


Unfortunately due to past experiences, we will not take dogs or cats that are insulin dependent or that have epilepsy (this is for their own well being).


Whilst every care will be given to your animals they are boarded entirely at your own risk.


You agree that the vet may be called at Jane Parkers Kennels discretion and you accept any costs incurred.


Whilst in the care of Jane Parkers Kennels, if the need arises, you give consent for your vet to share any relevant clinical records and test results to help with treatment and the wellbeing of your pet.


If you have more than one dog or cat you consent for them to share a kennel/cat pen unless otherwise arranged. If we feel the need to separate them for any reason you give consent for us to do this.


Understand that animals cannot be kept indefinitely, and Jane Parker's Boarding Kennels & Cattery reserve the right to take any necessary action after 14 days if communication from the owner or the emergency contact fails.